Sunday, January 27, 2008

Godless Music Reviews

This summer on the doubtcast we're going to spend some time talking about godless music but in order to do it right, we need your help.

If there is a song you like that deals with themes of atheism, humanistic ethics, naturalistic philosophy and all those sorts of things here's what you need to do:

1. Send us the info on the song (title, artist) along with a review of 15 words or less about why you like the song.


2. If you're one of those tech savvy folks out there, you can record yourself reviewing the song and email us the sound file at Keep it brief because we'd like to include as many different suggestions as possible.


3. Send us your song suggestion and a phone number where we can reach you and we'll call you and talk with you on the air about your song suggestions. (NOTE: We'll set up a time to call, we won't just call you out of the blue. Also, we won't give out your phone number to anyone for any purpose. Your digits are safe with us).

We need your help on this, ladies and gentlemen, so please, start sending in your reviews ASAP.

In Reason,



Charles Hollingshead said...

Hey Guys I sent an Email suggesting
Heads Roll Off by Frightened Rabbit. I forgot to say I'm Charles Hollingshead though. So Yeah, Hi.

(Plus I'm friends on Facebook)

Jordan said...

I sent my suggestions as a reply on facebook to your message on this topic. I recommended Bad Religion. Keep up the good work!

Andrew said...

My top three are on the facebook group but just to clarify.

1. Iron in the Soul - Patrick Briscoe
2. Head Rolls Off - Frightened Rabbit
3. Come Down Jehovah - Chris Wood

Anonymous said...

I did the same as Jordan. My suggestion was "The Canons of Christianity" by Phil Ochs, though I would also recommend "Skeptic" by George Hrab.

UnBeguiled said...

Oh shit. I emailed a review of Finite = Alright, but it was way longer than 15 words. I guess I missed that part. Sorry. I've never been good at rule following.

FarFromFaith said...

Mine are a bit more mainstream but far less atheistic I guess you would say.

Dave Matthews - What you are
Pennywise - Waste of time

Eric Atkinson said...

Greydon Square! Atheist Rap, yeah I know you might be thinking, "Rap, yeah the C is silent." Okay I am not a big fan of rap music largely because of the self referential vaciuous nature of most of it. Greydon is different, anyone who can rap about Puctuated Equilibruim and Pascal's Wager gets my vote every time.