Thursday, February 10, 2011

Episode 79 - Porn, Politics and Perfection

First, we take a look at's latest attempt to dress puritanical sexual policies in a slutty outfit. Then we focus on recent events in Egypt and discuss whether or not we should be afraid of a Muslim Caliphate taking over the world like Glenn Beck says we should.

In response to listener comments from our previous episode, we take a look at Sarah Palin's idiocy and look at the data about the claim that the American political left is just as bad in its violent rhetoric as the right is.

In our counter-apologetics segment, Justin Schieber schools apologist William Lane Craig and his argument for ontological perfection.

We wrap up the show with another adventure in the world of PolyAtheism as Fletch tells us the story of Enki, Mesopotamian god of mischief, water and incestuous rape.

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