Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Episode 9 Islam, Science and Modernity (Part 1)

Taner Edis, author of "An Illusion of Harmony: Science and Religion in Islam" joins us on the show to discuss the rise of Islamic pseudoscience in the Muslim world, in this first installment of a two part series. We explore why a growing number of Muslims believe the Qur'an prefigures many scientific discoveries of today, and what this reveals about Muslim attitudes towards science and modernity in general. Also featured: Where to get premium bottled holy water for believers who live an active lifestyle (sadly that’s not a joke). And Dave geeks out on his blasphemous playlist. Reasonable Doubts: Your skeptical guide to religion offering news and commentary of interest to skeptics, atheists, humanists, apologists looking for a challenge and freethinkers of all persuasions.

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Anonymous said...

If you like Rap and Atheism, you need to check out

Graydon Square is associated with the Rational Response Squad, recommended by Richard Dawkins, and has appeared on the Skeptics Guide to the Universe. A brief description of his album "The Compton Effect" follows:

Atheist Rapper-African American Hip-Hop Artist Shatters Stereotype Tackling Age Old Theological Positions in Unique Form of Rap
Posted January 25th, 2008 by DowneyRottweiler

RnB (2007-06-11)
reposted from:

Phoenix, AZ. (Top40 Charts/ Greydon Square Official Website) - Written, produced and recorded by Greydon Square, The Compton Effect fuses atheism, critical thinking, and rationality with hip hop to spread free-thought and education about the dangers of faith and religion. It's a giant step towards the enlightenment of urban culture's dependency on religious indoctrination.

"This is music that transcends genres," says Greydon. "This is bigger than just hip hop, these are cultural issues that need to be addressed before humanity can safely take another evolutionary step. I am the minority of the minority, an African-American atheist, from a community that does not tolerate threats to the status quote unless it's based on religion. This album is the manifestation of the thought, research and education that has been used to free myself from the shackles of religion."

Greydon Square has appeared on nightline, on a special about online atheism that focused on the Rational Response Squad's "Blasphemy Challenge". Greydon, a member of the Rational Response Squad, has also earned the attention of well-known atheists Penn Jillette and Richard Dawkins, best selling author of The God Delusion.

"Did I mention that your songs and videos are wonderful? You're a very brave and talented man." -Penn Jillette

Raised as a legal orphan in the Department of Children & Family services system of southern California, Greydon Square is a native of Compton, grew up in gang life and is an Iraqi war veteran among other things. Greydon, born Eddie Collins, left Compton in May of 2001, to enlist in the United States army. Then a theist, he served in operation Iraqi Freedom in 03/04 even attending online classes that would help him become a better Christian and even teach the word of god. Greydon left the army to attend school as a Physics major in Arizona. It was while attending college he learned about the logical inconsistencies of a god, why one isn't necessary, and the fallible nature of the bible in which he was raised to believe in. He started an online series of video blogs on entitled "Atheist Nation", where in the 3rd video he performed a song live that he had written called "Extian" which made the front page of, and Richard Dawkins website as well.

"This is cool" - Richard Dawkins

Greydon began representing atheism and debating theists on the youtube circuit, and was eventually recruited into the rational response squad by organization co-founder Brian Sapient, and began immediately working The Compton Effect and preparing for a June 5th release. He created his own company in which to distribute the album after being approached by several independent record labels and one major.

The Compton Effect is available at, itunes, musicnet, rhapsody, as well as sonyconnect and napster, or for $11.99 via physical distribution on his homepage, and digital distribution through the others.

Anonymous said...

How about George Hrab -

Erik Weissengruber said...

For your Athiest playlist: "All this Time" by Sting (looking at Britain enduring as waves of religious cults wash over her). Also "The Construkction of Light" by King Crimson" with lyrics about a bird, who once was a dinosaur, speaking. "A man might symbolize the construction of light" (we are starstuff yadda yadda).