Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Episode 5 Separation On State Street

Does your grandmother run a dungeon? Independent film maker Rob St. Marry joins us in the studio to discuss his new documentary The Separation on State Street. His film follows the story of Anonka owner of a new age gift shop and "Witch Museum" in a small conservative Michigan town. Anonka's shop met with protests and boycotts from the beginning. But "all hell broke loose" when she challenged the cities decision to have a nativity scene placed on the court lawn. Soon afterwards Anonka and her family had to endure violence, death threats and intimidation at the hands of their "Christian" neighbors. Rob St. Marry shares the fascinating story, much of which he was personally an eye-witness to.

Also featured:

  • the Dalai Lama's controversial statement about his future successor
  • Scholars of Religion take on the Flying Spaghetti Monster
  • The latest development in stem-cell research that has the Religious right (prematurely) saying "I told you so!"


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John K. Fitzpatrick said...

Oops - "save as" link points to episode 4. - John, your neighbor

Jeremy said...

Thank you John, it's fixed now. Enjoy.

maggie said...

More tragedy! OHNOEZ! ;)
The feed has the same description as the previous episode and the file is only 1.9MB. :(

maggie said...

errr... or sort of not... it looks like the feedburner feed has two entries for episode 5. The second entry has the truncated file.

Jeremy said...

Sorry, we use a free service and its been very temperamental lately. I guess you get what you pay for. Ill see what I can do to fix this.