Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ask An Atheist!

We at Reasonable Doubts are trying to start a new segment on the show called "Ask an Atheist" wherein we offer up answers to all your burning questions about atheism, skepticism, and any other topics that might be burning you-- but in order to do that, we need some questions.

These can be questions of your own or, for you heathens out there, they might be questions that you find yourselves being asked by non-non-believers. Questions might include: "What is Humanism?" or "Why do all you atheists hate my blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ so much?" or "Why are all of the Reasonable Doubts guys so damn sexy?"

Send any and all of your questions to doubtreligion@gmail.com and we will respond to them either on the podcast or here in the blog.

Send early and send often.

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