Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Episode 88 Summer Genocide Series part1

RD kicks off its "Summer Genocide Series" with a critical review of Paul Copan's book "Is God a Moral Monster?" Copan argues that the holy war waged against the Canaanites was not the blood-soaked genocide that critics of the Bible make it out to be . It was a limited, relatively humane campaign that was morally and spiritually justified. Thom Stark disagrees. He's written a massive point-by-point refutation of Copan's book entitled "Is God a Moral Compromiser?" (free pdf available here!). We'll take a look at Copan's arguments and Stark's response for this weeks Counter-apologetics segment. Also on this episode: the doubtcasters discuss the religion and politics of Anders Breivik and for a new segment of "God Thinks Like You" we share new data which proves fundamentalists are kind and helpful--except towards people who are different from them.


Zhuull said...

Stark might well have some good points about how wrong Copan is in certain parts of his book, however, did any of you read the intro to Stark's review? I've rarely read such a load pretentious crap. You may as well have used William Lain Craig quotes to refute Chopan as Stark. You really should have mentioned how full of it Stark is on other subjects than the few chapters that he treated in his review.

Anonymous said...

How dare you invite Texas to secede and leave only Austin behind! As a native Texan, I'm very offended! San Antonio is also a nice town.


Dee in Denver
born and reared in Corpus Christi

Mark G said...

Hey guys, a quick question. One thing that I do not think I've heard regarding some of the bible genocide stories is....wouldn't there be a very high probability of retroactive prophesy going on? For the fraction of these stories that may have some basis in fact, would it not be likely that some guys get carried away during a battle, perform what we would call war crimes, then try to cover up thier tracks by saying god told us to? Curious of your thoughts on this. I'm not knowledgeable regarding how much if any of these stories really have any basis in fact, so maybe it's a moot point.

J said...

"The Cowboys vs. the Sooners, I don't know who's more depraved."
-Luke Galen

I may be biased, but:

Anonymous said...

What about Yahweh's narcissistic sone, who so relishes Hell, and as deist Jako Miklos discusses in " Confronting Believers," is an authoritarian with silly and dangerous morals as Col. Robert Green Ingersoll, Lord Bertand William Alber Russell and I note.

Anonymous said...

Lord Bertrand William Arthur Russell, Col. Robert Green Ingersoll and I agree with the deist, Jako Miklos, that to find Yeshua, a compass is the scam of the ages! He was narcissistic, perhaps, pschizotypal, telling his flock to just have faith- logicide and to love him more than others [ or hate others as some translate the verse] and he has as Miklos notes silly and dangerous moral advice.
I hope never to encounter such a fool!