Monday, September 21, 2009

Episode 53 The Disunity of the Bible (part 2) with guest Robert Price

Apologist Josh McDowell claims that although the bible was “composed by men, its unity betrays the hand of the almighty…there is complete harmony which cannot be explained by coincidence or collusion.” For a two part Skeptics Sunday School we expose the bible for what it really is: a loosely edited collection of discrepant accounts and contradictory claims—a disunity repudiating all claims of divine inspiration. Part two examines contradictions between the epistles of Paul, the gospels and other New Testament writings. Dr. Robert Price (from the Bible Geek podcast) joins us on the show to discuss his upcoming book The Amazing Colossal Apostle.

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Lausten North said...

Well, I guess you pretty well addressed the issue of how the canon came to be and that the Bible is full of arguments on who Jesus was and what he was trying to say. It will be fun to track what happens when Price's book comes out. Thanks.

tinyfrog said...

My argument for the divine origin of the popes' writings:
For over a thousand years, various popes have a consistent theology. (Any discrepancies are just God's continuing revelation.) Therefore, the popes must be divinely guided.

My argument for the divine origin of the Buddhist teachings:
For thousands of years, various Dali Lamas have a consistent teachings. Therefore, the Dali Lamas must be divinely guided.

Also, I was surprised that you didn't bring up the fact that there are various books included in different Christian sects (Eastern Orthodox, Ethiopian Christian, etc) and various gnostic gospels. Once you start picking and choosing which books go into the Bible, then the fact that the Biblical books agree become less persuasive. For example, to use Josh McDowell's argument, if you went and asked 100 people to tell you the meaning of life, then you hand-selected five people's explanations, should you be surprised that there's a high degree of agreement among those five?

Strider said...

Listening to Robert Price is always such a learning experience. Not that I don't learn from your show (I typically give it a coupla listens) but this show was like learning cubed. You guys were totally tongue-tied during the show, also. You just have to ask him a question and you're off on a great journey.

Jay said...

Great show. And it got me perusing Robert M. Price's website, which got me perusing Robert M. Price's various columns and articles.

I had no idea he was so critical of democratic policies, politicians, and politics. At least according to his columns pre-2004 election.

Is he still a republican?

Am I ridiculous for asking?

Anonymous said...

Price is still on the right and you are not crazy for asking. I disagree with his politics but more atheists in the republican party can only be a good thing.


tinyfrog makes a good point. The "Bible" that McDowell praises so highly is the King James Protestant Bible. No other Bible used by any other Christian group in the history of Christianity need apply.

KMW said...

Always love to hear from Robert Price. When you 3 commented about spouses sharing an email address, it made me laugh. When I see someone using a shared email addy, the 1st thing that comes to my mind is "repression!" and "no personal identity!" I've been happily married for a long time and I'd never consider sharing an email with my hubby, because I'm my own indepedent person with my own identity. And geez, if someone has that little trust in their spouse, what are they doing married to them in the 1st place!

Unknown said...


I just found you podcast, great job! There is a great book I have read that covers these issues brilliantly by arguing the bible against it's self. I would like to recommend 'This is War" by Augustus Sol Invictus