Friday, July 3, 2009

Episode 45 Christian Zionism

For this episode we take a look at the tension between Israel and Palestine paying special attention to how Christian Zionists are perpetuating the conflict through their unconditional support for Israel. We also answer some listener email, explain why Buddhism is on both the props and shit-list for this week, and we introduce a new segment—the Gospel of Doubt.

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AndyDoan said...

What was the term you used for the common purpose or shared need between Christians and Jews?

Great show BTW. Keep it up.

Petros said...

This was the best Doubtcast episode so far. People are often very reluctant to criticize Israel today for fear of being called anti-semetic. I often tell people to read Jimmy Carte's book, "Palestine; Peace not Apartheid". Here is an evangeical Christian seeing the injustice Israel has imposed upon the Palestians. I do condemn violence coming from both sides though. The only solution is a two state solution. Keep up the great work. I love the podcast.


Anonymous said...

What would you recommend a new atheist and his family do as a supplement for social interaction now that church is out the door?

Unknown said...

On 3 or 4 occasions, someone kept talking about something called "dis-POR-uh" during this episode. Not sure what that is; but, this certainly would have been the show to talk about dye-AS-pora.

That was a great point about the Israeli secularists having to do the fighting on behalf of the devout. That's some major BS.

Finally, most people are oblivious as to the high level of secularism in Israel--upwards of 40% of its population (and growing). Every time Israel is brought up in a conversation, I always interject this fact. Explaining that "The Chosen People" have that many nonbelievers is a great befuddler (and gives me an inkling of hope).

Tim said...

Wow, I cannot believe you are advocating people hide their atheism, stay in the closet, so as not to offend the religious.
I'm sure it is tough being a teacher and an atheist among religious people. But staying in the closet IS THE PROBLEM. Plus, atheism is not a religion. Telling students you don't believe is not espousing a religion. It can not possibly be a violation of church and state. Im really disappointed.
Grow some balls guys. seriously. I'm sure I dont understand what its like being a teacher in a small town in America where you feel everyone else is a religious nut. But to hide your atheism because you dont wanna rock the boat??
I've listened to all the previous reasonable doubts podcasts but simply could not finish listening to this one after this discussion.
Come out of the closet people.

Fletcher said...


I think you've mischaracterized our discussion on the subject. Go back and listen to it again. We didn't say anyone should hide their atheism, just that the public school classroom should not be used as a bully pulpit for any religious or non-religious viewpoint.

Just imagine what our reaction would be to a teacher talking about her religious views in class and approaching students to talk about her love of the Jesus. It wouldn't be appropriate for them, it's not appropriate for us.

Advocate the process of critical thinking -- that's what should be included in the classroom. The end point of atheism is completely secondary as, I believe, Jeremy pointed out in the episode.

Anonymous said...

This was a thought-provoking episode and I enjoyed it immensely. I actually struck up a conversation on the point with some people at my workplace and they were quite taken back. I then recommended your podcast to them. I have to say one thing, my aunt's ex-husband was Jewish, and he was an awful, awful person. He always claimed that no matter what he did wrong, he was going to get into heaven....because he was one of "The Chosen People". No matter what your religious beliefs, no one should get away with this kind of arrogance. said...

The dude is completely just, and there is no skepticism.