Thursday, March 13, 2008

Episode 11 Bizarro World

What if an alternate universe existed parallel to our own…a horrific bizarro universe where all defenders of reason and skepticism are transformed into religious apologists? On this episode the apostles of doubt get a small taste of what such world would be like as they discover and confront their own internet doppelganger--the Reasonable Faith podcast. Apologist William Lang Craig heads this apologetics podcast, where he advances his favorite arguments for the existence of God. Luke, Jeremy, and Fletch are unconvinced and spend the show taking on Craig's arguments. But can skeptics breathe a sigh of relief trusting that our hero's have once again made the world safe for freethought? Rd's journey into the depths of this alternate universe takes a nightmarish turn as they confront the bizarro version of their favorite skeptic in the extended comic short "LOGOS" with Reverend Carl Sagan.

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Anonymous said...

"Objective" Atheistic morals are as groundless as "objective" Christian morals. Objective morality is yet unknown to humanity due to the fact that omniscience hasn't been achieved as we know it. There is also the same amount of proof that god exists as there is that he doesn't.

Your first arguments are ineffective against the person from "Reasonable Faith". Any reasonable Christian will tell you that Jesus changed how sin works. All of your biblical citations are from the old testament. This just tells me that you've never argued against a reasonable Christian. Your second argument tells me you know nothing about early Christian history. There is no proof pointing either way about any of it.

You could have attacked the assumptions he makes in his premises, but no, you remain as deluded as your "bizarro" counterpart by even accepting that objective morality is known to exist.

But, I'm a nihilist, and because of that, I'm frequently disregarded by anyone with any belief (such as yourselves). So feel free to keep doing what you're doing. No action is objectively preferable to another.

Anonymous said...


Forgive me for not challenging you. As much as you would prefer to receive snarky emails, I can only say one thing about your most recent Bizarro World episode, in particular the satirical Carl Sagan and Logos:


That was the most well written & produced send up of creationism and "biblical science" I have ever heard. I hope that you make it available as a YouTube presentation, with appropriate photos and art work. It's worthy of selection as a featured video.

Superb Job, Guys!!!

(We now return you to your awaited snarky emails.)

Fletcher said...


I've gotta give all credit to Jeremy for "Logos," that was his baby. And I too hope that a video is forth coming.


Jeremy said...


Ive offered a response to your comment on our main blog. You may read it here

Thanks again,

RD Co-Host

Anonymous said...

1st Class
The 'Carl Sagan' spoof is inspired!

Anonymous said...

I listened to your podcast for the first time today. I can't believe I hadn't found it before. It was HIGHLY enjoyable and informative. And thank you Jeremy for "Logos", you had me smiling the whole way.
I will assuredly be listening to past podcasts and hoping you will be continuing to make more.

Anonymous said...

I have to say it guys - your Carl Sagan spoof was brilliant, just fantastic. I listen to the podcast while driving home from visiting my father in hospital who is dying from cancer. It makes the miles go that bit quicker and for that you have my thanks.

Greeting from Ireland

Jeremy said...

Note to our Irish listener,

Thank you for that short but meaningful comment. Fletch and I were both a caught a little off guard by it. We edit these shows send them off and for the most part thats it. We get a few comments and emails (which we always appreciate). But mostly we are performing to a set of statistics. We don't get to meet our listeners , or get to know much of anything about them except the little things about themselves that only a of few of them tell us. Dave described it as sending shows to the void. Which when your busy, stressed, etc... can be a bit of a downer. So when we get a comment like yours it really means something. I'm really honored that we could be a part of your day...even if its just as a distraction during a lonely car ride. I dont pray, so instead Ill hope for peace for your father and courage for you.
(P.S. not that it matters since ultimately the whole damn species is family but...the B's for Behan...Irish ancestry on both sides. Hope to visit someday, so be sure to act kindly towards those annoying American tourists. They're not all bad.)

Anonymous said...

I've just finished listening to all your episodes - and have to agree, Logos was GENIUS. They were all brilliant, though. Please keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

I just listened to the Carl Sagan spoof on my way in to work and nearly went off the road in hysterics! Inspired, thoughtful and also a little sad - I'd forgotten how brilliant Carl Sagan was. Must dig out my Cosmos DVDs and watch them again. Thank you for the very well done and satisfying "Logos."

Anonymous said...

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Patrick said...

I love this show. Some of the best commentary and intelligent discussion of religion and irreligion on all of the internets...

But where is this fabled bonus episode demolishing more of WLC's nonsense? Trust me, I've looked. The only extant link I can find to it on on the MySpace page, and it links to a non-existent location... :(

Unknown said...

Any chance of getting an mp3/video/pdf of the Carl Sagan spoof? It was brilliant.