Thursday, December 20, 2007

Green Bay Votes to Respect an Establishment of Religion Despite Pesky Constitution

Click the link to check out the audio, it's even more horrifying than it sounds. Mayor Schmitt appears to be painfully clueless about, well, everything.

All Things Considered, December 19, 2007 · Melissa Block talks with Green Bay, Wis., Mayor Jim Schmitt about Tuesday night's 6-6 vote by the city council on whether to keep in place a nativity display adorning the roof of City Hall.

Schmitt cast the tie-breaking "yes" vote to let the nativity stand and bar other holiday symbols until guidelines for future displays are approved.

The council's president installed the nativity earlier this month, and it quickly drew criticism, praise and requests for other symbols, including a Pagan Yule wreath with a five-pointed Wiccan pentacle. Days after being installed, the wreath was torn down and was found in bushes nearby.

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